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Os Mensageiros : Antologia de Fernando Pessoa  Buch + 2 CDs

Os Mensageiros : Antologia de Fernando Pessoa Buch + 2 CDs

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OS MENSAGEIROS, Antologia de Fernando Pessoa Language: Portuguese only! Fernando António Nogueira Pessoa was born in Lisbon on June 13, 1888 and dies in the same city November 30, 1935. It was one of the brightest figures of Portuguese culture ever, considered one of the greatest poets of the Portuguese language and literature. One of its main features was the ability to create multiple characters knowing seventy-two, between heteronyms and aliases. Under the aegis of the 125 years since the birth of Fernando Pessoa and with the support of Antena 1 and the Casa Fernando Pessoa, SevenMuses MusicBooks presents in book and CD the original work Os Mensageiros, Antologia de Fernando Pessoa. This anthology brings together Portuguese and Brazilian artists from various quarters of Lusophone culture as music, cinema, theater or literature. The poetry anthology and introduction is by Luis Filipe Sarmento that explains the neopaganism of the writer in "Ser tudo de todas as maneiras (Be all in all ways)" and revisits the essential poetry of Fernando Pessoa and the main heteronyms as Alberto Caeiro, Álvaro de Campos and Ricardo Reis. This special edition has to offer a CD of original music, whose challenge was to embrace the multiplicity of the poet on a journey of intimacy and universality. The result is 14 compositions by several authors inspired in the poetry of Fernando Pessoa, of which 9 songs – sung by Dulce Pontes, Oswaldo Montenegro, Fernanda Porto, Ana Laíns, Débora Rodrigues and Ângela Maria. It also contains five poems set to music - recited by Joaquim de Almeida, Ruy de Carvalho and Lia Lobato Lopes, a child who has in himself all the dreams of the world. This album also features the participation of several musicians who usually collaborate with other major names of the Portuguese and Brazilian music. TRACK LISTING:: 1. Para ser grande, sê inteiro com Ruy de Carvalho e Ana Brissos - 1:13 2. Às vezes em sonho triste com Dulce Pontes - 4:10 3. Estendo os braços para ti… com Ana Laíns - 2:49 4. A tua voz fala amorosa… com Débora Rodrigues - 4:54 5. Ó Maria dos Prazeres com Fernanda Porto - 3:01 6. Eros e Psique com Ruy de Carvalho - 2:26 7. O amor, quando se revela com Ângela Maria - 4:21 8. Lisbon revisited (1923) com Joaquim de Almeida - 2:38 9. Cansa sentir quando se pensa com Débora Rodrigues - 3:05 10. Segue o teu destino com Ângela Maria - 3:20 11. O Quinto Império com Joaquim de Almeida - 2:16 12. Não sei quantas almas tenho com Ana Laíns - 2:26 13. Iniciação com Oswaldo Montenegro - 3:20 14. Antologia com Lia Lobato Lopes - 3:02

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